The Worx Consulting renders the following services in terms of HR and related solutions:

    • Medico-Legal assessments and reports
    • HR audits
    • HR policy and procedure design and implementation
    • Negotiations
    • Disciplinary hearings
    • Employment contracts
    • Labour disputes and resolutions
    • Career counselling, development and guidance
    • Employee wellness programmes
    • Conflict resolution and
    • Coaching and life skills training

One of our main lines of business is assistance through Medico-Legal assessments and reports. Due to the fact that our in-house psychologists are so highly qualified and experienced, we can provide expert witness testimony in medical negligence and RAF matters especially in connection with an individual’s biographic information, work experience and likely potential. We also have an internal Legal Advisor that ensures that we stay up to date with the latest regulatory requirements. Any of these cases which involve a loss of earnings due to a reported incident or accident can be resolved expediently if you have the correct advice and counsel such as what we can provide you with.

The following services are offered with respect to Psychometric assessments:

    • Personnel Assessments
    • Psychometric Testing

Both of these assessments are being used by a growing number of companies as a means of obtaining objective information, and are predominantly being used for:

    • Recruitment & Selection Activities
    • Promotion
    • Internal Transfers
    • Career and Performance Development
    • Team Building and Development
    • Guidance counselling

We only use tests that do not discriminate on the basis of culture, race or gender and that are registered by the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


Other companies in our stable include:


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